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Life Insurance

Life insurance offers multi-faceted retirement solutions.

Traditionally, the purpose of basic life insurance was to help provide a measure of financial well-being for your family and loved ones when you are no longer there, that was then.

Today’s New Life insurance may provide you with an array of living benefits such as supplementing your retirement, help cover costs associated with chronic, catastrophic, or terminal illness even long-term care coverage. BUT what really sets it apart from other financial options is that it receives a special tax treatment unlike any other financial tool.

In addition to a death benefit, however, life insurance is also one of a few types of products that may offer helpful ways to reduce or avoid certain taxes. Some of these benefits may include:

Death Benefits:

Policy Cash Values:

We offer the following services:

Comprehensive Beneficiary Reviews:

When was the last time you made certain that all of the beneficiary statements you created were still up to date? A recent article by Investment News found that 80% of beneficiary forms on IRA accounts, Pension plans and Insurance policies are either blank, outdated or not properly filled in. Don’t allow the possibility of a beneficiary mistake to harm your loved ones. A Comprehensive Beneficiary Review can ensure that your assts passes to exactly whom you had in mind.

As an independent insurance firm, we are able to shop dozens of the top insurance carriers to find rates and product solutions to fit your specific needs and goals, meaning we are not relegated to simply one line of products or one brand name like a captive agent.



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